Your Benefit

Once patients get their cast off, the greatest strains usually lie behind them. Nevertheless especially in this phase you want to move on and relieve the patient with a quick, clean and safe (highly relevant when dealing with anxious patients e.g. children) cut. The GYGER-CUT is your tool of choice for perfect results.

Functional Principle

The GYGER-CUT is an oscillating saw, its saw blade raw edge with app. 26‘400 swings per minute with small strokes. This principle guarantees a swift, clean and precise cut through plaster and synthetic casts, without injuring the skin.

Our Advantages

  • Small, quiet and smooth
  • Ergonomically designed for optimized manual handling
  • Durable thanks to efficiency in use, high-quality materials and manufacture
  • Efficiency due to high cutting performance and high-class saw blade
  • Transparent pricing with modular concept for battery and/or mains operation

Uncompromising Swiss Quality

Our GYGER-CUT has been continuously tested and optimized under the hardest conditions. Frictional movements have been vastly eliminated. Hence our cutting performances as well the product life cycle have been augmented and at the same time smoothness has been stabilized. Our high quality manufacturing and our first-class materials make the GYGER-CUT saw the perfect tool for hospitals and medical practices.

Modular concept

Thanks to our modular concept the GYGER-CUT is the tool of choice for any field of application. The base version CUT-100 with mains operation is perfect for stationary use. The battery version CUT-200 offers unlimited mobility. Both versions can be extended to mains or battery application.

The GYGER-CUT is an oscillating cast saw for hospital and medical practice application. Specially developed to saw through plaster and synthetic casts.

Technical Data

Mains Version

Battery Version

Mains Version

CUT-100, complete with mains adapter, key, saw blade and carrying case.

Battery Version

CUT-200, complete with battery, charging unit, key, saw blade and carrying case.


CUT-300, complete with mains adapter, battery, charging unit, key, saw blade and carrying case.