Micro Valve Controllers

MVC 1 and VC Mini – complete integrated solutions

The valve controllers MVC 1 and VC Mini of Gyger provides complete solutions for dispensing applications depending on customer's needs. The valves and heaters will be configured by a serial interface (RS232 or USB) via Java-Software or by direct commands. This allows the customers, focussed on the requirements of their applications, to integrate the MVC 1 / VC Mini as an intelligent driver module in existing systems or to use it as a capable standalone solution.

MVC / VC Software

The MVC / VC Software (Java based) allows a comfortable handling via a graphic interface. A visualization of all functions can be seen within the software. The corresponding parameters (e.g. valve opening-time) can be easily set and tuned on the dispensing application.

The functions can be controlled direct from the Software (e.g. triggering dispensing) and in addition different modes can be set, which allows the operation only over external Hardware-I/O-signals. Complete configuration can be saved on the hard disk and reloaded on demand.

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