1. Holding plate

2. Micro valves

3. Fluid distributor

4. Shielding plate, coil package

5. Transition seal

The holding plate has semicircular cutouts for engaging in the micro valves. The application specific transition seal for the fluid supply is designed as a molded part. These fastening types are especially suited if the micro valve screening has to be as tight as possible, as it does, for example, in a print head.

1. Clamping screw

2. Print, coil package

3. Tube connector, fluid supply

4. Valve support

5. Valve coil

6. Micro valves

7. Valve holder

The clamping screw fixes the micro valve in the receptacle of the valve holder. The valve support protects the micro valve (tube connection inlet) when connecting the tube supply line. When installing the micro valve with a clamping screw, make sure that soft material, such as brass or plastic is used. Otherwise, there is a danger of damage to the micro valves.